Vanguard Charitable leadership represents diverse business and nonprofit expertise     


Vanguard Charitable’s leadership team, advisor consultation team, and board of trustees are composed of long-tenured professionals with wide-ranging experience in business and nonprofit sectors, bringing a diverse set of perspectives to the stewardship of the organization. You and your clients are in good hands with these experts at the helm.

Equally important--no matter if you work with our leaders or our other professionals who will serve you day-to-day--you and your clients will be highly valued and treated with respect. Our client loyalty metrics represent an industry high for a variety of reasons, primarily the service we provide, our deep knowledge of the philanthropic space, and our dedication to providing the best client experience possible.

Vanguard Charitable leadership team

Mare Emery,
Director of Finance and Controller

Advisor consultation team

Our advisor consultation team has extensive experience working with individuals and families to develop custom charitable planning. The team partners with financial advisors to offer education on donor-advised funds and consultations to help them serve their clients' philanthropic needs.



Vanguard Charitable Board of Trustees

Our distinguished board of trustees is tasked with overseeing the organization’s effectiveness, strategy, policies, financial position and investment options and performance, and Vanguard’s Charitable’s Philanthropic Impact Fund and Sustainable Disaster-Relief Fund. The trustees’ experience spans the finance, banking, investment, legal, and public service sectors. The majority of the trustees are independent of Vanguard.