Services you and your clients need for successful philanthropy


Vanguard Charitable has a reputation for providing high-quality services at a low cost. One of our goals is to make it easier for you to position charitable planning within your clients’ larger financial strategies. We provide the resources, account capabilities, and reporting that enable you to have robust and strategic conversations with your clients and their families about philanthropy.

There are many options when it comes to account access and roles. Your clients can designate you as an interested party and give you full or partial access to their account. Unless you have paper statement access only, you can register for online account access at to view account activity, initiate contributions, and recommend grants and exchanges. 

Interested party access levels:

Interested parties may receive paper statement access, read-only access, or full account access to a Vanguard Charitable account. The chart below describes the features of these three levels of interested party access.1

1While professional advisors may be named as interested parties on accounts, Vanguard Charitable does not provide financial compensation or any commission to them for their role as interested parties or for recommending our services and/or donor-advised accounts to their client(s).

2Individuals with paper statement access will be denoted online as interested parties with "No Access."

We provide one-stop philanthropic services to make charitable giving uncomplicated and efficient, enabling you to concentrate on enhancing your relationship with your clients and helping them with their charitable strategies and charitable plans.

It's easy for your clients to manage all aspects of their giving online. They can make contributions, recommend grants, select investments, and more—all on a secure, easy-to-nagivate platform.

Recordkeeping services

We simplify charitable recordkeeping for you and your clients, providing:

  • Quarterly statements.
  • A tax acknowledgement (substantiation) letter to donors for tax-reporting purposes. This means you or your client don’t have to track down tax receipts from multiple charities.
  • A contribution confirmation letter to account advisors and interested parties confirming the transaction and showing a summary of account investments and the investment allocation of the net gift proceeds.
  • A grant confirmation letter to account advisors and interested parties that includes details on the grant, as well as the final investment allocation from which the funds were withdrawn.
  • A consolidated list of grants on account statements.
  • A succession plan for account advisors for assets remaining in accounts upon their death or incapacity to be bestowed to heirs or endowed to charity.
  • A range of other reporting.

Contribution services

Vanguard Charitable can process contributions that many charities are not equipped to accept, such as appreciated securities, real estate, or private equity. In addition to cash, checks, wires, and debit and credit cards, donors can contribute a wide variety of noncash and illiquid assets.

Granting services

Vanguard Charitable makes it easy for donors to make unlimited grants from their account. We conduct due diligence, handle administrative and legal tasks, and ensure that each grant and recipient organization is IRS-compliant. When a grant is approved, we send the payment. Donors can manage the entire process online and choose to keep their gifting anonymous if they prefer.


The majority of our investment offerings are managed by Vanguard, known for its low-cost, disciplined, and long-term investment management approach. Our investment lineup includes broadly diversified index and active funds to meet your clients’ granting goals.

We offer 20 investment options. Your clients have unique access to a range of investment options providing the optimum exposure to equities, bonds, and cash that meet donors’ needs for short-, medium-, and long-term asset growth for their granting timelines.


We provide education, tools, and other information to help donors become more strategic and impactful philanthropists.

These resources include thought leadership, worksheets, tools such as the GuideStar National Nonprofit Directory, blogs, articles, and more. Downloadable materials for your clients are available in Client literature.

We recognize how important it is to you to build multi-generational relationships with your clients’ families. Involving families in your clients’ philanthropy is also important as you build their charitable plans and charitable strategies. Vanguard Charitable offers resources to help you and your clients partner with their families to give back.

Our legacy planning guide can help your clients craft a giving legacy that preserves their charitable values beyond their lifetime or if they become unable to manage their Vanguard Charitable account.

Legacy planning includes incorporating charitable giving within your clients’ estate plans through their charitable strategy. We also require donors to create a succession plan to ensure the assets remaining in their accounts can be bestowed to beneficiaries or endowed to charity. Succession plans are flexible; they can include a variety of approaches and be amended at any time.

Use these forms to help your client establish a succession plan, recommend an endowed grant plan, or name Vanguard Charitable as beneficiary.


Your clients get all of these quality services at a low cost. You’re providing extra value to your clients when you offer access to a low-cost, high-value provider like Vanguard Charitable. The less they pay for philanthropic services, the more they can end up giving to charity.

Vanguard Charitable designates accounts as either Standard or Select, based on account balance and activity. Account status determines an account's administrative and investment fee schedule. Qualifying accounts with ongoing balances of more than $1 million are eligible for Select status and additional benefits, including reduced administrative and investment fees, enhanced service, and a dedicated representative.

Vanguard Charitable’s annual all-in fees—including investment and administrative fees—are among the lowest in the industry. For example, the annual all-in fee for a $2.5 million account can be as low as 0.37%.