Annual report

Each year we reflect on progress, examine key trends, and communicate important information to our donors and stakeholders. View our latest annual report below.

2018 Vanguard Charitable annual report


Financials and policies

We value transparency in our dealings with donors and other stakeholders. To serve them and the causes they care about, we must earn and maintain their trust.

Moreover, as an organization committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector as a whole, and as a 501(c)(3) public charity ourselves, we believe in modeling the financial accountability, fiscal responsibility, and operational transparency we hope to see in our partner charities.

Below we provide financials, tax returns, and employee policies—all part of our commitment to an open and forthright culture of charitable giving.


Vanguard Charitable IRS Form 990
Vanguard Charitable financial statements


Code of ethics
Conflict of interest
Whistle-blower policy


Vanguard Charitable policies and guidelines