Holistic wealth management is evolving to include strategic charitable planning. Talk to your clients about their charitable portfolio and create a bigger impact on:



  • Your clients' wealthby aligning their charitable values and motivations with their financial and estate planning. When guided by a strategic giving framework, they can give more meaningfully and realize tax benefits by leveraging charitable giving among their financial and estate planning.
  • Charity by helping your clients be more strategic in their giving. Charities can receive larger gifts that will enable them to accomplish more and cultivate deeper relationships with individuals, especially HNW donors.
  • Your business... by gaining additional credibility through charitable planning expertise, developing deeper relationships with clients and their families to gather and retain assets, and growing your practice.


With years of experience working with donors and their advisors, Vanguard Charitable, a national donor-advised fund, has the expertise and resources to help you add value by:

  • Guiding your clients to think through what they want from their philanthropy and create a charitable plan.
  • Building charitable strategies with tax-efficient use of their charitable assets and giving tools whose features match their goals.
  • Offering access to low-cost investment and philanthropic services.
  • Navigating new tax law to maximize the benefit of charitable giving provisions. 


Partnering with a trusted name like Vanguard Charitable enables you to:

  •  Brand yourself as a holistic advisor who can address charitable giving in context with your clients’ wealth management and financial and estate planning goals.
  • Grow your business and increase client loyalty by providing a product and service to your clients and their families that maximizes their charitable giving impact.
  • Engage your clients more deeply by incorporating charitable giving into conversations about their long-term goals, personal passions, and wealth planning for the next generation.


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