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Vanguard Charitable is a national donor-advised fund. Founded in 1997, we are now one of the largest grantmaking organizations in the US. An ever increasing number of donors—individuals, companies, and other organizations—are coming to Vanguard Charitable because of who we are and what we represent: low-cost, high-value philanthropic services.

We partner with advisors to help their clients make strategic charitable giving decisions. We can consult with you on solutions, participate in your client conversations, or provide you with additional resources.

Vanguard Charitable was founded by mutual fund leader Vanguard as an independent nonprofit in response to investors’ widespread interest in a strategic, long-term charitable giving investment vehicle. Though we are a separate entity from Vanguard, we share many of the same core values and methodology, which include investing our donors’ charitable assets in sophisticated, broadly diversified, and low-cost investment options.


Our commitment to low costs enables our donors to do the most with their charitable dollars. The less they pay in fees, the more money that goes to charity. Vanguard Charitable’s annual all-in fees—investment and administrative fees combined—are among the lowest in the industry. For example, the annual all-in fee for a $2.5 million account can be as low as 0.37%.

     All-in fee example for $2.5 million account*
*Percentages are rounded in this example.
        1Vanguard Charitable does not itself charge investment fees. The expense ratios are assessed by the underlying funds of the Vanguard Charitable investment options and vary per donor based on investment allocation. 

We believe we offer the highest-value donor-advised fund, a claim backed by the high quality of our product and client service delivered at a low all-in price. As the 8th-largest grantmaker and 11th-largest nonprofit in the country,2 Vanguard Charitable is a major player in the charitable space. We are in the position to thoroughly understand the needs of both donors and charities, and have leveraged those insights to provide valuable resources to help you offer extra value to your clients. For example, we were the first to offer donors the GuideStar National Nonprofit Directory, a comprehensive and easy-to-use charitable giving research tool featuring information on more than 2.6 million nonprofit organizations, free of charge.


Our client satisfaction scores are higher than the industry average, which is why clients who come to Vanguard Charitable tend to stay. You can be comfortable that your clients will be in good hands when we work together to achieve their charitable goals.

Vanguard Charitable

Grant dollars since inception:
$7.2 billion

Grants to charity since inception:

Contributions since inception:
$12.8 billion

Assets under management:
$8 billion

Active accounts:

As of December 31, 2017

Philanthropy 400, Chronicle of Philanthropy, November 2017

Tax ID number: 23-2888152